The Equalizer Movie 2013

The Equalizer Movie 2013Actor, director and screenwriter of Gladiator and winner of two Oscars for Crash (2004), Paul Haggis, could work together on the big screen adaptation of a CBS show of the 80s The Equalizer, according to Beyond Hollywood. The two recently collaborated on The Next Three Days thriller in which Haggis was both screenwriter and director. For The Equalizer movie, Crowe will be both producer and leading actor. Haggis, who are still in negotiations for the scenario, could be directed this production, for which no other name has not yet been announced. The Equalizer television series which ran on CBS TV station between 1985 and 1989, Edward Woodward (who will be replaced, Crowe movie), play tough guy Robert McCall, a former spy, now a private detective in New York. He takes cases in which police deal with and does not require in return helps only those who promise that it will help them when you need it. The team also includes producers, along with Russell Crowe, Mace Neufeld (Invictus, Patriot Games, Hunt for Red October) and production company Escape Artists (Seven Pounds, The Pursuit of Happyness). No production studio is currently attached. The Equalizer Movie 2011 with Russell CroweAccording to an article published by the LA Times, Russell Crowe was cast in the lead role in movie version of the series The Equalizer. Russell Crowe will play as super tough Robert McCall. The original The Equalizer tv series production this mysterious man Robert McCall is placed in the middle of action without too many explanations and justifications. It says at a certain time he was an employee of a secret agency and he's responsible for some very reprehensible incidents. However, Robert McCall was built on the pattern of a modern Robin Hood: angry people with influence, and decided to help the weak despite the risks. One can say that this looks like McCall and Dirty Harry, that is something anti-hero: is brutally effective, and often seem insensitive to the moral demands of society in which it operates as of justice. So far not found financing for the The Equalizer Movie project, but producer Mace Neufeld is convinced that the movie studios will throw the sharks.

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