The Addams Family Movie 3D in 2014 by Tim Burton

The Addams Family 3D in 2014 Tim BurtonSome months ago we was informed that Tim Burton is preparing an animated version (the key stop motion) Addams Family. Was circulated from the filmmaker's involvement rumors field, and the movie itself is more fictional. But now The Addams Family has returned to the official producer Christopher Meledandri that said recently during a press conference organized to promote animation Despicable Me - The Addams Family as the project received the green light, and that most likely will be directed by Tim Burton. The manufacturer said that although the movie is in early stage, certainly will be done through stop-motion animation that will draw from the original comics (those signed by Charles Addams), thus ignoring television and cinema productions subsequently released, and that most likely will be done in black and white for a strong visual reference Gothic. "We're just beginning, but the movie is on track, and we want it ... Now, Burton directing conceive the story, has said it will be in black and white, which is incorrect. It's actually right and wrong. Since I made a decision, "said Meledandri.
The Addams Family Movie 2014Adamms Family is the weirdest family on the entire planet, but no or maybe. Their house is haunted by the ghosts of all sorts, as pets have tigers and crocodiles. If someone enters their home, or within the family strange, definitely not coming back. Company are not that terrible, but their way of living scare whoever. It's members are the following: Grandma with her experiments and it is perfectly understood by all. Morticia, always romantic and charming. Gomez loving father and crazy. Uncle Fester live all the time at full resolution and has no status. Lurch, the butler is, but all consider it a family member, is quiet and solve everything works. Wednesday, the nice girl, dangerous and should never play the hidden watts century with her or any other game. Pugsley kid who eats everything. Storehouse (nicknamed 'hand'), is a. .. hands usually stay with Uncle Fester, but it is understood by everyone. This is the strange, yet pleasant and charming ADAMMS FAMILY 2014!

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